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Life on the PPA Tour with

Ben Johns

The Pickleball Doctor is currently Ben Johns' Physical Therapist and travels with Ben on the PPA tour to various tournaments around the USA to ensure Ben stays physically ready for the demands of the sport.


Being part of Ben's Team

The Pickleball Doctor travels to PPA tournaments with Ben and is part of his team. His primary role is to ensure Ben feels physically ready. In addition, ensuring Ben is in a good place mentally for each tournament day is imperative to him performing at the highest level.

Ben and The Pickleball Doctor share common interests off the court which helps build camaraderie and maintain a light atmosphere which boosts mental focus/clarity during tournaments.

Game Time Readyness

The Pickleball Doctor ensures Ben is physically ready to go prior to every match. This includes overseeing his Dynamic Warm-Up (which varies depending on the event being played), as well as being Ben's hitting partner when needed during Singles days.

A combination of mobility exercises, resistance bands, blood flow restrictions training, hand eye coordination, plyometric, and reaction time drills are used to ensure Ben perform

Screen Shot 2024-03-13 at 10.42.32 PM.png


A significant portion of Tournament care is dedicated to recovery. Pickleball tournament days are often long with multiple matches over the course of multiple days. Ben plays in 3 events (Singles, Men's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles), and often does well in all three categories (which means he is on court more than most players).

There are usually multiple recovery sessions per day on a tournament day to ensure that everything is running well. Of course, the session at the end of each is the longest and more involved as there is more time than in between matches. A combination of joint mobilizations, stretching, blood flow restriction, adjustments, soft tissue work, massage, breathing techniques, and nerve work is utilized to achieve the best outcomes.

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