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Getting Ready for Play

Once you have properly performed your Dynamic Warm-Up and raised your body temperature, you are ready for Game Time Drills. This can be considered a continuation of your Dynamic Warm-Up, and will bridge the gap between warming up and playing all out in a game.

During these drills, ease in slowly but make sure you are focused. You will work up to treating every shot like you are playing in a game.  While you should be warmed up from your Dynamic Warm-Up, you still need to warm up your body for Specific Pickleballl movements. For example, your legs and arms may be warmed up properly, but maybe you haven't hit any overhead balls yet, and your shoulder may not be quite ready for that shot. Make sure not to hit the first overhead that comes along as hard as you can, but progressively work up to it.

Below are some game time (or practice) drills to help you find your strokes and get ready for competitive play. Joining me in this video is US Open and National Champion Marcin Rozpedski.

Thank you Marcin for all your help!

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