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Outlast your Opponents

Once you have established adequate mobility and flexibility, it is time to build strength and endurance. There is no doubt that the best athletes in any sport are the ones who put in the time and work to be successful. Age does play a factor in athletic performance, but is not an excuse (just look at what Roger Federer has been doing!) Even as a recreational player, there are basic exercises you can do to improve your strength and endurance. Many players lose points in Pickleball because of fatigue, which may be the deciding factor in tournament play.

There are many types of organized fitness classes available in most communities. These may be your exercise of choice, but remember that most of these classes are not just "stretching". They require adequate mobility and flexibility in order to perform them properly, and will challenge your strength, endurance, and make you a better athlete over all. Please visit the "Mobility and Flexibility" section for more details.

Of all the fitness classes offered, I recommend Yoga the most. Yoga requires a perfect balance of mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, and focus and can be a great adjunct to your training. There are various levels and types of Yoga, and finding one that works for you is very important. In addition, the instructor can make a huge difference. Please remember that Yoga Instructors are often not Health Care Professionals, and may not have the necessary knowledge to help you through an injury. Consulting a healthcare professional should always be your first step if you are injured. 

Performing some cross training and conditioning is also an important part of succeeding in Pickleball. Having a background in Basketball, I may be biased but I believe conditioning used in Basketball can be used in Pickleball as it is a similar mix of Aerobic and Anaerobic movements: side to side motions, bursts of speed, back pedaling, jumping, etc...

In the video above, please find a series of exercises that I recommend that will challenge you and help you build strength and endurance. Once again, this may not work for everyone, and you should always consult a Health Care Professional if you are injured.

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